Our trip to the Brasvellbreen

Together with Petra, cool(E)motion co-Founder, we just returned from a trip to Svalbard, high in the Arctic North. We did research for a future project.

We sailed on the tallship: 'Antigua' to the island Nordauslandet, to visit the Brasvellbreen, Europe's largest glacier. Last year we also tried to get there, but even in the mid summer there is a lot of drifting ice. Often too much, but this year we succeeded.

Our route started in Longyearbuyen, sailing to the North, and turning South through the Hinlopen Strait. In this relatively narrow 'street' we suddenly got surprised by a hurricane and the ship was smashed at it's side. The result: three broken ribs and a knee as large as a babies head. The view of the glacier was it all worth. ( see pictures )

During our trip we filmed in total 16 polar bears, many walrusses and whales. It seemed they never had contact with humans before. The Arctic nature in these regions gave a feeling of unspoiled.


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